About us

The expercience foresees that a team of 24 young people of different religion, studies and origin a four-day community experience in which, attending a series of very high profile conferences and speeches on the occasion of the Turin Polytechnic Technology Festival, they discuss together, appropriately guided by experts from Turin Unesco Center, the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and assisted by researchers from the University of Turin, the Turin Polytechnic and the Catholic University of Milan.

Expected targets/results:

–          Rise of a young comunity 4.0 → young people of different context prepared on the subject of technological and digital revolution with a spiritual and trascendent background

–          summary of a common thoughts →  at the end of the workshop will be produced contents – a book and other multimedial contents – for sharing the thought came out from the laboratory

–          sharing experience and results → the results will be shared with the stakeholders, both in academic and social fields in Turin and in other italian cities. The last stage will be the participation at the ESOF Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2020 – in Triest.